About Us

The artist and engineer Sven Backstein is the spiritual father of the BetonCafé. Since 1978, he himself has worked creatively with the material concrete and has built up over the years a profound basis of work techniques and knowledge of materials. His special concrete formulations, which he originally developed for his own use, have long since become the standard for concrete artists and designers in the form of ready-to-use dry mortars.

Inspired by the enormous interest in his materials and his sculptural design with concrete, he decided in 2010 not only to communicate his knowledge in books and his own workshops, but to make it more  and easier accessible to everyone. He developed the vision of BetonCafé, the place where his students all over Germany and the world pass on  to their own students what they have learned.

These students are us, the operators and the visitors of the BetonCafé. The places where we work are as different as we are. Some are small, others are tall, some have a more artistic and some a more practical orientation. But one thing is common to all of us, namely the desire to make people happy with concrete.